KPK Goes Worldwide

On Thursday (May 8) Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) took prisoner former Indonesian ambassador for Singapore, Slamet Hidayat. He was arrested over budget mark up on embassy building renovation in 2003. Also arrested, his treasurer, Erizal over the same case. Before KPK took over the case last month, this case was handled by Attorney General’s Office for months. Geez... Hendarman Supanji, what were your men doing? Waited for them die or waited for big bribery just like Urip Tri Darmawan did?

Before that, in Januari KPK had taken prisoner the former Indonesia ambassador for Malaysia, General (Retired) Roesdihardjo. He was chief of police before became ambassador. He was arrested over illegal pickings on immigration documents while he was the ambassador. There was relieving story for me, may be embarrassing for him and his family; KPK made him a prosecuted in March last year but still remained out of cage. During investigation process, he felt sick in December. Finally, he was taken prisoner in January. He was picked while he was taken care at hospital. He was on wheel chair, pushed into barred car with head down and tens of blitzes from journalists' cameras. Poor old guy. Guess he's not lucky old bastard no more.

What KPK have done so far, at least give a hope for me that corrupter can be beaten. Until now KPK had arrested a governor, a minister, mayors, ambassadors, prosecutors, senators, deputy and chief of Bank of Indonesia, and many district bureaucrats. Yes it's not perfect. Two main things still be questioned; first is why there's no active military and police officials got arrested and second is KPK still is picky in investigating persons, like; Aulia Pohan still remains free. Aulia Pohan is father in law of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's son. He was a senior deputy of Bank of Indonesia in the time of Bank of Indonesia scandal. Most of his colleagues already got investigated or arrested.

However, like I stated before at least I and we, Indonesian have hope. And like I stated on blog title that I'm a 'Free Thinking Dreamer'. KPK is not perfect and still need to make better performance. KPK's PR revealed that they got about 30 reports about corruption indications a day from all over Indonesia and overseas. Yes overseas; from embassies and consulates. They try their best and recruits more men power to do the job. I hope they will follow up all reports.

I'm sure many dirty bureaucrats don't have good sleep anymore. Haunted by their wrong doings. One example is Minister of Forestry MS Kaban. His statements recently advising shutting down of KPK only show his panic and his stupidity. You are a marked man Kaban! Just wait your time!

KPK goes worldwide. With arresting of ambassadors, then there's no place to hide for corrupter even they're not in Indonesia. They though they were safe because nobody was watching them. They're wrong. My advice for them; you should fix any wrong things you've done before some officers knock on your door and take you away from your family. For KPK; we support you and we pray for you. Don't let us down!

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