Traded Endowment Policies

Previous article about basic endowment policy you can view here.

Traded endowment policies (TEPs) are policies that the original policyholder has sold to a third party with complete assignment of all future benefits. In other words it's another way of saying that they are second hand endowment policies.

These are common because it is very unusual for a policyholder to maintain its policy until it reaches its maturity date which is generally 25 years after the policy began. The policy will be surrendered to the insurance company which give a quote that always lower price than the price buyer purchased. Another way of selling endowment policies is by selling them to a open market.

Traded endowment policies (TEPs) is also a way of investing. An investor can buy endowment policies sold by Traded endowment policies (TEPs) companies.

There are benefits for the people who are selling their policies through Traded endowment policies (TEPs) market. It is very likely that they are going to get more money for their own endowment policies by selling them in this way, rather than by surrendering to the company they have bought them from. As well as this is the added bonus that when you sell your policies you no longer have to pay premiums for them.

Traded endowment policies (TEPs) companies trade traditional with-profits policies from leading insurance companies, which offer a unique mix of capital guarantees and potential for future growth. The market for Traded endowment policies (TEPs) works on the assumption that endowment policies will grow steadily in value until they mature. As each policy has a maturity date, an investor can buy one knowing exactly when it will pay out which provides financial stability for the buyer.

Traded endowment policies (TEPs) have a guaranteed sum assured and additional bonuses. These are known as reversionary bonuses and once allocated, cannot be removed or reduced providing premiums are maintained until maturity.

Investors receive all the advantages of the policies past performance and future bonuses making them an attractive prospect. As a result of this, traded endowment policies provide long term security and greater opportunities for potential investment growth.

With-profits policies provide smoothed growth by using reserves built up in good years to support returns in leaner years. Smoothing creates an investment lag and so the strong recovery in underlying funds in recent years has only just started to be passed on to policyholders through increased bonus rates.

Since traditional with-profits policies are no longer available as new investments so the only way to tap into this market is through Traded Endowment Policies (TEPs). As most funds are now closed to new business with-profits market into a long slow run off stage. This means that all existing reserves and surpluses will be distributed among the remaining investors. This condition make it possible for investors to capitalize on the hidden value in with-profits funds.

Many with-profits funds have surpluses, which were built up over many years. These 'orphan' assets mean more hidden value with-profits and increase revenues in the coming years.

Given that the fund-gains approach maturity of all reserves and surpluses should be distributed. This division will have to take place for at least the last ten years the existence of the fund to ensure fair treatment of the policyholder and that in the last few policyholders don't get everything.

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Japan AV Idols' Pictures (1)

I feel both happy and sad about traffic of this blog, based on my sitemeter details. I feel happy because i got a lot of traffics recently. I feel sad because most traffics are coming from search engines, only pointing to these two posts: Top 50 Japan AV Idols and Maria Ozawa is Out of Top 50 AV Idols. I felt like, geeez... My others posts means nothing compared to posts about Japan AV idols. All right, I accept that my other posts are no more than garbages. Yeah yeah, I know that porn is on top list of internet surf like before, now and may be, always will. However, I take it as a good constructive critic for me.

Actually, I wrote those 2 posts with intention to give information only. But it seems people from all over the world keep coming day after day. May be they want 'more informations' about Japan AV idols. I understand, Japan AV idols have world wide fans. So guest what, guys? I will give that 'more informations' you want. I will give you Japan AV idols' pictures this time.

"Oh, how good of you!"

I know.

"Why do you do this?"

Because I feel pity for you. Ha ha... Just kidding. Because I don't want to be a hypocrite. I like Japan AV idols. Some of most beautiful women in the world are there. I adore them. I adore the beauty of women. I want you to be an adorer too not just seeing women as sexual objects. More important thing is that you can appreciate women around you more.

But please keep in mind, guys, that I don't want to turn this blog into porn blog. Google doesn't allow porn on blogger/blogspot blog anyway. That's why I will only give you download links. Hopefully I don't break Google TOS. If you have an objection about this post, please tell me first before you flag this blog since this blog is my personal blog. I will keep posting as usual and you can check this blog if I write other posts about Japan AV idols.

Here are download links to pictures (HQ) of top 1-10 Japan AV idols based on this list:

01. Suzuka
02. Kanako
03. Risa
04. Yui
05. Rika
06. Saki
07. Aino
08. Takami
09. Risa
10. Sora

Note that all pictures are on outside server belongs to somebody else. I don't own the copyright of the pictures. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. If the owners complain me about these links, I will remove them from this blog.

Check back/subscribe to know when I post more pictures of the rest idols on list or my other favorite idols.

Enjoy it, guys. Please leave comment if you like this post. If you don't like it, well, guess I should stop writing this topic.

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Viva la Vida

Finally, biggest football party event of the year, Euro Cup 2008, is over. Spain is the King of Europe after beating Germany 1-0 in the final. My prediction missed. Well, not missed too far. Germany went through final so it was only one spot missed. Although I like football so much, I didn't write comprehensive report of Euro 2008 because I though many blogs had already wrote that. So I was just enjoying others' posts while enjoying good Euro matches too. This post is my farewell to Euro 2008. I'm gonna miss event like this.

Like its slogan "Expect Emotions", it did bring emotions to all football fans all over the world. Millions felt happy and millions felt sad. Happy fans decreased day after day as usual. I too did kick my furnitures or throw my remote control many times when my favorite teams played. Like other millions people I'm sure.

So many emotions watching Euro 2008; happy, angry, disappointed, amazed, stunned and so on. Turkey and Russia had a chance to do like what Greece did 4 years ago but again, no more than had a chance. The staying power Germany and the impressive Spain conquered all 'third countries' to make a 'still' dream final.

Anyway, Spain had won the cup. I say congratulation to Spain and all its people and fans. No matter what, the best team would be the winner. And no matter what too, sport entertainment will always come and go. There will be Olympic Games in August, another entertainment for sport freaks.

Viva la vida (living life) everybody!

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Our Lives

I'm now crazy about a song by The Calling titled Our Lives. Ever since the moment I heard of the song, it automatically became my favorite. The song sounds great, but it is the lyrics that do 'the calling' for me. It speaks of love, life, hope and faith. That no matter disappointed and heart-break we are, there's still a reason to continue on, to move on and there's a reason we're here in this world.

This song makes me excited to live my life - today! This song is awesome! Check out the lyric:

Is there love, tonight
When everyone's dreaming
Of a better life
In this world
Divided by fear
We've got to believe that
There's a reason we're here
Yeah, there's a reason we're here

Oh, yeah...

Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

See the truth, all around
Ohh, our faith can be broken
Yea, our hands can be bound
Ohh, but open our hearts
And fill up the emptiness
With nothing to stop us
Is it not worth the risk?
Yeah, is it not worth the risk?

No, yeah...

Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

And even if hope was shattered
I know it wouldn't matter
Cause these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

We can't go on
Thinking it's wrong to speak our minds
I've got to let out what's inside

Is there love, tonight
When everyone's dreaming
Well can we get it right?
Yeah, well can we get it right?

Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

And even if hope was shattered
I know it wouldn't matter
Cause these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

Oh, yeah, let's make the best out of our lives...

Oh, yeah, let's make the best out of our lives...

It remains on my favorite list. Every time I hear this song, I will feel that I am needed by somebody and the urge to live the best of my life - so touching and so encouraging the song is.

Listen to this, get inspired to be the best of yourself and make the best out of your life.

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China Punishes 128 Companies Over Performance-Enhancing Drugs

In preparation of welcoming World Olympic Games, which open in Beijing on August 8, this year. Chinese authorities are trying to show that they are intended to host a clean Olympic Games. They've just revoked licenses for 3 drug companies and punished 125 other companies for manufacturing, selling or distributing performance-enhancing drugs.

The government did not release a complete list of companies involved in production and distribution of illegal drugs, but said it would all be punished according to law and that tougher penalties should be measured on companies that illegally distribute performance-enhancing drugs before or during the Olympic Games.

Chinese authorities disputed the claim by the United States that China have accounted for 99 percent of the illicit performance-enhancing drugs uncovered in the largest drug-enforcement action in U.S. history last year.

Last year, the Drug Enforcement Administration said that the U.S. government has not been approved for imports and counting on China to stop the flow of the resources, China was asked to investigate the 37 drug manufacturers.

The investigation of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security showed that 13 of 37 companies had exported certain ingredients but most of them were doing legal business, some even with the consent of the Drug Enforcement Administration itself. Of the remaining 24, he said, 17 were not registered and provided false information so further investigation would be continued.

In periods of 1980's and 1990's, China faced a series of doping scandals involving some of its top athletes. But after that, China has produced a large numbers of world-class athletes with only a few doping scandals, although some international competitors accused the Chinese athletes of cheating.

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Maria Ozawa is Out of Top 50 AV Idols

Based on latest list by Japan Heat, Maria Ozawa is no longer top idol in Japan adult video (AV) industry (view complete list here).

"Hey, who's Maria Ozawa?"

Oops, sorry. I thought you knew Maria Ozawa since she was on top of google search for couple of months. Okay, I'll tell you who she is. Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi is a Japanese adult video star. She is of mixed-race parentage. Her mother is Japanese and her father is French-Canadian, which gives her a look that has been described as "a perfect balance of Japanese beauty mixed with a dash of exoticism." Here is her profile:

  • Birthdate: January 8, 1986
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Birthplace: Hokkaido
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 162 cm (5 ft 4 in)
  • Measurements: 88-58-86 cm (35-23-34 in)
  • Cup: E
  • Hobby: Guitar
  • Special skill: English language (I'm sure this is not her only skill)

"All right, now I know her. You can continue writing."

Thank you.

AV industry, just like any other showbiz industry is a tough dog-eat-dog business. People come and go. A new-born star rises every week. Younger girls keep coming ready to dethrone mature princesses. This is supply and demand law. While demand is so high now - as any other times, producers need to up their supply. That's why this thing happen; Maria Ozawa got stepped out of top list.

However, no matter what list her name's on, she's still my favorite. I'll still search for her videos when I'm out of stock. I hope she keep performing on new videos.

Oh by the way, other prominent names not on Top 50 Japan AV Idols anymore are Mihiro Taniguchi, Azusa Ayano and Serina Hayakawa.

"Wait a minute, who are those names you mentioned?"

Well, I'm quite certain now that this post is not for you.

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Top 50 Japan AV Idols

If you don't know what Japan AV Idol is, well, you might miss something good. Or may be you are really a good person. Japan AV Idol is a performer for Japanese adult video (AV) in other words: porn star.

I'm sure sure Japan AV has many fans all over the world, I'm one of them. I used to torrent those videos where I can see IP addresses and countries where people share them. People from every continent and region; North America, Latin America, Australia, Africa, Europe Union, Scandinavia, Middle East, South East Asia, any region you name it.

Japan Heat, a Japan online
sources for AV idols, continually update their list for Top Rated AV Idols. That list is based on visitors' rates. Visitors van give their rates to all listed AV idols, 1 to 5 stars. This might not present all AV idol fans but at least, names on it must be something. Something famous for a reason, right? Here is the complete list of latest Top 50 Japan AV Idols:

01. Suzuka Ishikawa
02. Kanako Tsuchiya
03. Risa Kasumi
04. Yui Seto
05. Rika Aiuchi
06. Saki Koto
07. Aino Kishi
08. Takami Hou
09. Risa Chigasaki
10. Sora Aoi
11. Kirara Asuka
12. Rio
13. Takako Kitahara
14. Reika Shiina
15. Rina Koizumi
16. Nao Yoshizaki
17. Haruka Sanada
18. Miina Yoshihara
19. Honoka
20. Yuma Asami
21. Reina Matsushima
22. Ryo Shinohara
23. Ai Takeuchi
24. Nana Konishi
25. Riri Kuribayashi
26. Ai Sayama
27. Megumi Haruka
28. Miyu Hoshino
29. Mai Nadasaka
30. Aya Hirai
31. Akane Nagase
32. Yuka Haneda
33. Kotone Aisaki
34. Kurara Tachibana
35. Natsuki Yoshinaga
36. Konatsu Hasegawa
37. Asuka Kyono
38. Sae Mizuki
39. Yui Matsuno
40. Akiho Yoshizawa
41. Nana Nanaumi
42. Emi Harukaze
43. Ryo Uehara
44. Akari Hoshino
45. Hinano Momosaki
46. Seri Mikami
47. Rina Ishihara
48. Yuna Takizawa
49. Asami Ogawa
50. Sasa Handa

Many new names on the list which I haven't watched their videos. I guest I should look for them to know how good actually they are.

Since you know the list, Guys, it's time to search torrent files of their videos. Or if you have a lot of money, you can order them online. Anyway, whatever way you got the videos, don forget to seed them :) A lot of leechers here :)

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