Sir Alex Ferguson will Retire in 2012

Sir Alex Ferguson sees himself on his seventieth not at the helm of Manchester United. This would therefore mean that the legendary Scottish sees 2012 for a point he would like to step down from his active duty at Manchester United.

In December Ferguson will be the age of 67 years. Will he continue until seventieth at Man Utd? ''Never on my life''said Ferguson. ''I can assure you that on my seventieth I will be no longer coaching.'' as he revealed to English medias.

''I am one day older, like my wife. And of course, that deserves my attention. As you get older, you always feel about family. What will I do then? I've always been like to travel to places where I've never been.''

''I do not think I will ever be dismissed. I think that choice is in my hands, and chairman David Gill, I believe is very content. "

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Manchester United is Champions League 2008 Lucky Winner

Although never beaten in Champions League (CL) this season, also only conceded least goals between contestants, Manchester United couldn't deny that luck did has part at last night game. Two shots from Chelsea hit the bar, Didier Drogba's red card and John Terry's penalty slip proved that.

Cristiano Ronaldo made Man Utd lead with his head, made him a sharpest-head man in CL this season with 4 goals from heading. Lampard equalized before first half ended. On second half, Chelsea dominated the game and threated Man Utd's goal with shots from Michael Ballack, Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard. Chelsea made 23 shots overall. The score 1-1 made game must be continued extra time.

A provocation from Carloz Tevez made a little fights between players about 7 minute extra time ended. Small foolish mistake by Drogba made him sent off. Chelsea lost one executor for penalty kick.

John Terry, who took Drogba's spot, slipped at rainy Moscow field when he took the penalty which gave extra life to Man Utd. Man Utd won the game with that extra life.

However, Man Utd deserved the cup. Luck is part of football every time. They have proven their class in campaign for Moscow final with superb displays. Chelsea might not as attractive as Man Utd but they have also proven that they have stable performance since managed by Avram Grant, the manager who emerged from middle of nowhere.

Congratulation to Man Utd for their third CL cup. Congratulation to Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Paul Scoles and Owen Hargreaves for their second CL cup. My sympathy for Michael Ballack who has second lost in CL final.

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Young Lads from Munich Gave Indonesia a Lesson

Indonesia lost 1-5 to FC Bayern Munich last night at Gelora Bung Karno Stadion. I was there among about 60,000 people viewed the match. Like always, no matter win or lose we, supporters, gave attention, support and applause for all players.

I was wrong at my previous post where I wrote that there was Daniel van Buyten to play. Apparently he was injured and couldn't make it to Jakarta. But although only played with their 3 first-choices and 4 regular-substitutes, most other players were U-20, Bayern was too strong for Indonesia.

Hattrick from Jan Schlaudraff, 1 from Breno Vicius and 1 from Toni Kroos, actually there was one more canceled goal from Ze Roberto which was I'm sure he wasn't offside, enough to give a lesson to Indonesia. A lesson to play effectively and not making mistakes. Though had more possession, mostly on second half, ineffective play and also unnecessary mistakes surely did a big help for Bayern to win the game. Indonesia could only score one goal from Bambang Pamungkas.

At after-match press conference, Ottmar Hitzfeld stated his praise for Elie Aiboy who was very agile and threated Bayern's goal several times. He also revealed that actually they were lost at speed an agility but Indonesia made many mistakes so they could win the game comfortably. Benny Dollo, Indonesian coach, agreed and confessed that his team were trapped by Bayern's style.

One more thing should be an attention, field condition at Gelora Bung Karno. After used for another even one night before, it was in bad condition and not-nice looking. In the future, PSSI shall forbide any attempt to use the stadium other than football match events.

I came home with a satisfaction, same as other supporters felt, that Bayern proved that they've taken this match seriously even with second line players. For Indonesia, we, spartan football lovers will always say just like any Liverpool fans says, "You will never walk alone".

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Indonesia vs Bayern Munich

FC Bayern Munich is in Jakarta. They came with 21 players, 17 from senior team and 4 from junior team. There are no Luca Toni, Franck Ribery, Miroslav Klose, Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger due to Euro Cup preparation but some top players are brought by; Mark van Bommel, Daniel van Buyten, Ze Roberto and Jose Ernesto Sosa. Also some players from Germany juniors like Christian Lell, Toni Kroos, Andreas Ottl, and Jan Schlaudraff. Unfortunately there's no Lucio. The team leaded directly by Bayern's manager Uli Hoeness and off course, head coach Ottmar Hitzfeld.

They are seriously preparing 3 friendly matches in Indonesia, China and India as promotional series to Asian nations. Good choices. The 3 nations are top 3 in Asian population with hundreds of million football lovers. Wiser than Manchester United which only choose Japan or Korea, high payers, regularly as tour destination. It's only business, ain't it mate?

Bayern's players looked enthusiastic while giving coaching clinic to young boys from junior soccer clubs in Jakarta at Soemantri Brodjonegoro Stadion. Although they just landed at noon, they didn't show that they were tired after long flight from Germany.

Indonesian Coach Benny Dollo has been preparing his team seriously. While training at Senayan, Charis Yulianto and Nova Yulianto were set to fill center back positions. Both have experience playing against another Germany club, Borussia Dortmund last December. All players seemed enthusiastic to face Bayern.

The match will held today, May 21 at Gelora Bung Karno Stadion at 18.00. I hope grass condition at stadion is good since thousands people stepped on it last night at ceremony of 100th National Awakening, and days before for rehearsals. Yes I really hope it's good because I saw it last night, some area looked barren.

I'm just hoping it will be a pleasuring match and Indonesian players can get lessons from it. Fight and learn, don't mind the result. We have been supporting you through worse and worse. And we will always support you.

See you at Gelora Bung Karno!

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Zenit is UEFA Cup 2008 Champion

As I predicted before, Zenit St. Petersburg from Russia won over Glasgow Rangers at The City of Manchester Stadium last night. The score is 2-0 with goals from Igor Denisov at 72th minute and Konstantin Zyrianov at injury time.

Although played without their top goalgetter Pavel Progebnyak, Zenit took control of the game with Anatoliy Tymoschuk played superbly providing pivot pilot at Zenit's midfield. It's the second cup for Russian clubs in last 4 years.

It seemed Zenit focused in UEFA Cup totally. They don't get impressive result in Russian League; only 14th out of 16 clubs. Four days before the final match in Manchester, Zenit traveled to Holland to play againts AZ Alkmaar, coached by Dick Advocaat's fella Louis van Gaal, on a friendly-test match instead of taking concentration in local league. The match itself ended 2-2 draw. It paid off though. They're a winner now and for next 12 months.

Conratulation Zenit! You deserve it. Or in Russian: Поздравление Зенит! Вы заслуживаете его.

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KPK Goes Worldwide

On Thursday (May 8) Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) took prisoner former Indonesian ambassador for Singapore, Slamet Hidayat. He was arrested over budget mark up on embassy building renovation in 2003. Also arrested, his treasurer, Erizal over the same case. Before KPK took over the case last month, this case was handled by Attorney General’s Office for months. Geez... Hendarman Supanji, what were your men doing? Waited for them die or waited for big bribery just like Urip Tri Darmawan did?

Before that, in Januari KPK had taken prisoner the former Indonesia ambassador for Malaysia, General (Retired) Roesdihardjo. He was chief of police before became ambassador. He was arrested over illegal pickings on immigration documents while he was the ambassador. There was relieving story for me, may be embarrassing for him and his family; KPK made him a prosecuted in March last year but still remained out of cage. During investigation process, he felt sick in December. Finally, he was taken prisoner in January. He was picked while he was taken care at hospital. He was on wheel chair, pushed into barred car with head down and tens of blitzes from journalists' cameras. Poor old guy. Guess he's not lucky old bastard no more.

What KPK have done so far, at least give a hope for me that corrupter can be beaten. Until now KPK had arrested a governor, a minister, mayors, ambassadors, prosecutors, senators, deputy and chief of Bank of Indonesia, and many district bureaucrats. Yes it's not perfect. Two main things still be questioned; first is why there's no active military and police officials got arrested and second is KPK still is picky in investigating persons, like; Aulia Pohan still remains free. Aulia Pohan is father in law of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's son. He was a senior deputy of Bank of Indonesia in the time of Bank of Indonesia scandal. Most of his colleagues already got investigated or arrested.

However, like I stated before at least I and we, Indonesian have hope. And like I stated on blog title that I'm a 'Free Thinking Dreamer'. KPK is not perfect and still need to make better performance. KPK's PR revealed that they got about 30 reports about corruption indications a day from all over Indonesia and overseas. Yes overseas; from embassies and consulates. They try their best and recruits more men power to do the job. I hope they will follow up all reports.

I'm sure many dirty bureaucrats don't have good sleep anymore. Haunted by their wrong doings. One example is Minister of Forestry MS Kaban. His statements recently advising shutting down of KPK only show his panic and his stupidity. You are a marked man Kaban! Just wait your time!

KPK goes worldwide. With arresting of ambassadors, then there's no place to hide for corrupter even they're not in Indonesia. They though they were safe because nobody was watching them. They're wrong. My advice for them; you should fix any wrong things you've done before some officers knock on your door and take you away from your family. For KPK; we support you and we pray for you. Don't let us down!

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UEFA Cup Final: Another Bad Forecast?

An anonymous commented on my previous post about UEFA Cup semi-finals where I predicted Fiorentina would meet Bayern in final. It wasn't a prediction actually, more an expectation.

I'm sure most people were surprised that Bayern could be heavily defeated (0-4) by Zenit St. Petersburg. Yes, Zenit is an inspirational team this season but the score 0-4, wow, this Russian club must be something! While in Firenze, a penalty defeat, thanks to Fabio Liverani and Christian Vieri, Fiorentina had from Glasgow Rangers was normal. However Glasgow has bigger name than Fiorentina.

I'll make some analysis about upcoming game at The City of Manchester Stadium on May 14 between Zenit St. Petersburg versus Glasgow Rangers.

Zenit St. Petersburg:

Speaking of Russian clubs, we will point to CSKA Moscow, Dynamo Moscow and Spartak Moscow. Not many people knew about Zenit but this season, this club had made better reaching than those 3.

It was coached by Dick Advocaat, a Dutch big coach. Russian national team also coached by another Dutchman, Gus Hiddink. Hiddink also quite successful in guiding Russia to Euro Cup and denying English chance to be there. Good physical condition, as many Russian players have, could support the pressure football Dutch coach brought on. Pressure football/total football needs good physic so the players can have high mobility and dynamic movement.

Zenit will play without their top scorer Pavel Pogrebnyak due to suspension. But anyway they beat Bayern without Andrei Arshavin, Radek Šírl and Fernando Ricksen, as well as Nicolas Lombaerts and Kim Dong Jin through injury. The captain Anatoliy Tymoschuk and Russin Footballer of The Year 2007 Konstantin Zyrianov are ready to play

Glasgow Rangers:

Along with Glasgow Celtics, Rangers is the most successful Scottish club. They play regularly in Champions League almost every year, and fail in first stage almost every year too.

Under guidance of Walter Smith, they have booked a space in UEFA Cup Final. Not as impressive as Zenit but still, they made it. Barry Ferguson, Steven Naismith, Kris Boyd and Carlos Cuéllar are well known enough in Great Britain. Rangers plays like many British clubs; fast and open. This club has experiences facing big clubs in Europe. Plus they have advantage in final location, British territory. Many supporters from Glasgow will surely travel to Manchester to support their beloved team.

However, Rangers still needs to play better than before. They only scored 4 in the last six matches, no away goal, while Zenit scored 12, six away goals. Despite of advantages Rangers have, I'll still favorite Zenit to win the trophy this year. It won't be an easy game for Zenit though, they will be conceded but they'll score more. 2-1 for Zenit.

It's just a forecast. It can be another bad forecast from me.

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