Marhaban Ya Euro 2008

Welcome Euro 2008, the biggest football event in Europe this year. It's only two days from first whistle blow. I've been waiting this event for months. I'm so excited to see the first kick off.

Well, I'm sure every football lover has his/her own favorite. My favorite, like always, is Germany. I like Germany Bundesliga since the time of TVRI as the only broadcast station in Indonesia, aired Bundesliga in late 80's. I watched almost every match accompanying my grandpa who also loved it. May be because I had no choice that time. No other leagues aired here. Italian Serie A aired in Indonesia in early 90's but I still couldn't watch it until '96. RCTI frequency couldn't reach my village until that time.

After Italian Serie A, then came other European leagues one by one; English Premiere League, Dutch Eredivision and Spanish Liga Primera. Thank God I live in Indonesia so I have the privilege to choose any match I want to watch from top European soccer leagues for free. The privilege even origin citizens don't have.

I can watch the coming Euro 2008 on 3 stations for free even though I'd love to fly to Austria-Switzerland if I have money. Thank you MNC media for bringing this quality event to us, football lovers. I hope you'll get big profit in return.

To express my excitement, I can only say, "Marhaban Ya Euro 2008!".

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