RCA VH915 Video Source Selector

Audio Video System Selector Switch 4 source inputs and remote. Connect multiple home theater components in 1 central location, high quality S-Video AV System Selector Switch; Built-in scan function can automatically scan input sources; 7 button infrared remote control is included for easy scanning and switching; Remote control features can be Programmed to your distance learning; No connection of AV components.

Connect all your systems to your TV at the same time! Close to 4 AV components with an S-video to a television or Home Theatre System. Most televisions have an S-Video input, which means that consumers can only connect an S-Video-component at a time. With the growing popularity of the S-Video-equipped components such as digital satellite and DVD players, there is a huge demand for a switching device to connect multiple components. With this unit, a consumer can connect up to four S-Video-equipped components, four composite line level (RCA type plug) components, and only press the button on the remote control switch that corresponds to the component of the consumer wish to investigate. Easily connects all your home theater components in an output.

Most televisions offer a limited number of the S-video inputs for the conclusion of the latest video devices such as satellite systems, DVD players and VCRs. The RCA video source selector offers more S-video inputs, in order to get the most from your home entertainment system. S-video devices offer a better picture quality by sending the luminescence and colour signals on separate channels isolated. If you have used composite cables and connectors for connecting your high-end home theater equipment on your TV, you can sacrificing picture quality. Consolidate your connections!

Working with audio or video following components: TV, DVD player, VCR Player, Video Camera, CD player, stereo, MP3 Player, Video Game Console, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Ps2, Sony PS One, Sony PSX, Nintendo Gamecube & N64.

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