Global Warming: Real or Hoax?

I want to believe it's a hoax but the fact that all the pollution we waste production people, it will necessarily be some consequences.

Over 4 billion years, the environment has been used for disposal to leave only biological waste; dinosaurs did not ride around in cars. But then, suddenly, in the 150 years, the environment had to take care of waste artificial, artificial substances not found in nature - plastic, nuclear waste and so on, things he was not used to delete leave. This HAS to have implications, some environmental fatigue, which will manifest itself in one form or another.

Yes, the Earth has gone through many periods of warming and cooling/freezing, which completely changed our world from time to time. Climate studies found that each time the Earth warmed CO2 were present in the atmosphere in large quantities. This period of warming over the past 150 years or so is not that scientists can actually see and assess the excessive build-up of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, as it produced by mankind.

It is widely recognized and endorsed by an overwhelming majority of the world's most respected scholars and all that if it does not stop, or at least, used to a great extent, our world would be disastrous changed in less than 100 years. We can not sit idly by and let this continue to happen.

In other words, doing nothing, and we are working with our permits, and just a beautiful planet will be destroyed by greedy fossil fuels, individuals, organizations and government leaders who have put their money ahead of the welfare of the rest.

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