The Meaning of Best Friend

When someone's there for you when you need someone at most, the one who supports you, who respect you, who will listen to too, even if you do not have a lot in common with that person. That one might be your best friend.

A best friend to me is like family, even more. Someone you can trust more than any other people. A person you can feel comfortable around and act silly with you and not feel embarrassed. Someone that will be with you through ups and downs in life. A best friend, a person who will do what he can to see you happy.

You may have already seen a person who is less sophisticated can often get along well with many people from different backgrounds, and the reason for this phenomenon is that the person who has nothing hidden in his mind and he look at things sincerely. If you come across a person who has this type, I recommend that you be friends with him/her, as you will never find a better friend to yourself.

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