Sir Alex Ferguson will Retire in 2012

Sir Alex Ferguson sees himself on his seventieth not at the helm of Manchester United. This would therefore mean that the legendary Scottish sees 2012 for a point he would like to step down from his active duty at Manchester United.

In December Ferguson will be the age of 67 years. Will he continue until seventieth at Man Utd? ''Never on my life''said Ferguson. ''I can assure you that on my seventieth I will be no longer coaching.'' as he revealed to English medias.

''I am one day older, like my wife. And of course, that deserves my attention. As you get older, you always feel about family. What will I do then? I've always been like to travel to places where I've never been.''

''I do not think I will ever be dismissed. I think that choice is in my hands, and chairman David Gill, I believe is very content. "

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